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    Howdy. This is Bob. The Bob of Bob Blog. This blog contains about five minutes of my thoughts each day. A record. A history. And occasionally worth reading.

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    Monday, December 22, 2008  
    Game: We Ski
    This Wii game uses the Wii Fit board. While not nearly as nice as the Wii Fit slalom integration (leaving forward/back for speed), this game is worth the $30 price. You can start to ski without any hassle and should be able to survive the difficult courses with a little practice. After a few hours, I still feel like I have more to explore and certainly can improve. For less than the price of a lift ticket, I can go skiing anytime and without the wet and cold. That's good value.

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    Friday, April 20, 2007  
    Wii: Sports Update
    These are my latest scores...

    Tennis - 53 (80), 20 (30,50), 13 (20,40)

    Baseball - 9 (10,>5700ft), 48 (58,65), 28 (30)

    Bowling - 12 (17,20), 533 (600,700), 12 (17,20)

    Golf - 7 (10,perfect), 194 (159,55), 475 (625,800)

    Boxing - 16 (27,35,40), 74 (80,85), 20 (30,50,60,75)

    Bronze: 1 Silver: 11 Gold: 2 Platinum: 0


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    Sunday, February 11, 2007  
    Games: Wii
    I went to a Target at 7am to get a Wii. I'll admit it. I was #5 in line. The Sports Arena Target had 18 units to sell. All of them were gone by 8:01.

    I can't tell you anything else about the machine as I now have to wait for Valentine's Day. Now is the time to go to the web to find out all the details that haven't mattered until now. And next Monday is a holiday -- so expect some game reports.


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    Saturday, February 10, 2007  
    Games: Wii I wait in line or not
    I haven't decided yet. Target at 7am tomorrow... or circuit city at 9am... or neither? The Wii should eventually become easier to obtain. But apparently both these shops and likely others will have some in stock tomorrow.

    I really ought to wait until I finish my presentation for the Seattle conference. And complete my taxes. And pull weeds in the yard. Buy some birthday gifts. Declutter a bit. And 100 other things.


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    Sunday, January 28, 2007  
    Travel: Vegas
    We went to Las Vegas for an artifically long 4 day weekend. We stayed at the Venetian Resort and went to see the Cirque du Soleil show O (at the Bellagio) and the Blue Man Group. Both shows were great. We would have liked to have been able to pay to see the technical side of "O".

    The hotel room was really fine. The location is fairly central on LV Blvd. The attached casino big but mostly with $10+ minimum tables. Sadly, the pools were in the shade which meant not so great swimming opportunities. I would likely choose a different hotel -- pick the one with the show you are going to see.

    Note, the casinos will rob you with their ATMs; so watch the fees and additional percentage they extract. Take as much money as you plan to spend (and some little bills for tips). Bank of America ATMs: Forum Shops At Caesars and Ethel M Chocolates.

    Join a players club: the Mirage seems to include quite a few casinos. And then ask for comps (food or room discounts). We didn't this time but next time that will be my goal. For the simple...The drinks are free - tips expected. And remember to tip the dealers at table games; the slot machines don't need to be tipped. But tilting one may cause you to be removed from the casino.

    We went to see the Mirage's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Not good value for you money but a decent distraction. The most value for our money was likely playing Dance Dance Revolution at the Mirage Arcade -- $1. We missed the volcano; it supposedly happens every hour but it wasn't clear that this meant ON THE HOUR. I think we tried on the half-hour.

    Overall, it was a great trip, even if Sophia didn't get the cute shoes.

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    Monday, January 08, 2007  
    Online Games: Square 2
    Square 2 is developed by Gavin Shapiro. You can find it lots of places, including at Shockwave. Square 2


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    Saturday, December 16, 2006  
    Online Games: Blokus and Dicewars
    No need to explain the addictive nature of these two games... Just go play.

    Blokus - a little like tetris

    Dicewars - A little like Risk

    There is a way to drive traffic for ads to a site in a simple game. There is a need on the DS and mobile phones for great multiplayer games. I'm not looking for a homerun, just something to make life interesting.


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