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    Howdy. This is Bob. The Bob of Bob Blog. This blog contains about five minutes of my thoughts each day. A record. A history. And occasionally worth reading.

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    Friday, April 20, 2007  
    Wii: Sports Update
    These are my latest scores...

    Tennis - 53 (80), 20 (30,50), 13 (20,40)

    Baseball - 9 (10,>5700ft), 48 (58,65), 28 (30)

    Bowling - 12 (17,20), 533 (600,700), 12 (17,20)

    Golf - 7 (10,perfect), 194 (159,55), 475 (625,800)

    Boxing - 16 (27,35,40), 74 (80,85), 20 (30,50,60,75)

    Bronze: 1 Silver: 11 Gold: 2 Platinum: 0


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    Monday, April 16, 2007  
    Wii update 2.2
    The Wii update was painful. The internet kept cutting out making the update freeze last night. At least the box didn't turn into a brick. I tried again this morning, after mucking about with the router. It worked. Updating to the lastest wii browser. Supposedly better -- the best part seems like the control area can be hidden to give the page more space and an automatic zoom feature.

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    Saturday, April 14, 2007  
    Hiking: Mission Trails - S Fortuna loop
    The hike today was my first real exploration into Mission Trails besides Cowless Mountain. I was pleasantly surprised. And while the weather was warm, it wasn't unbearable. I probably went around 7 miles. map

    South Fortuna hike : start at the visitor center and head to Jackson Trailhead along the loop trail. After Jackson Trailhead, the path drops down to the San Diego River. Head up the hill to the Y junction beneath the Twin Towers. These landmarks make navigation in much of the western part of the park fairly simple.

    The best way is to then go East (right) and drop down to the Suycott Wash. I didn't realize where I was going to go (general goal was the Fortuna Saddle.) So I went left to see what the Clairemont Mesa Trailhead looked like. Starting from that location would remove about a mile and quite a bit of the uphill.

    I looped back to the junction to the NE of the twin towers. At this point, it was clear the path to the saddle dipped down then back up and that the Rim Trail to Shepherd Pond was a good option. But bagging a peak was too tempting and the trail up South Fortuna looked interesting with its steps. And so I dropped down to the Suycott Wash (multiple paths down) and found a wondering picnic area by the oak covered stream.

    The climb to the ridge from the little bridge crossing the stream is 558 feet vertical and .6 miles. The last 250 feet vertical will be over nearly 351 steps fashioned from timbers and rocks. I definitely felt like I was working hard. But the views were spectacular. The peak itself is at 1094 feet (nearly 200 less than the North Fortuna and 500 less than Cowles Mountain.) Somewhere just to the north of the peak I found myself in a swarm of bees. They left me alone.

    The trail goes north from the peak down to the Fortuna Saddle. From here you can go further north up North Fortuna, west back down to the Suycott Wash, or east. My loop continued east down the service road (sometimes called the wall because it is so steep) to Oak Canyon trail and eventually the Old Mission Dam. (1.8miles) I startled a coyote in the gorge. It took off running up the hill with a rabbit it had caught.

    The Oak Canyon portion of the trail was really nice. But the Old Mission Dam, built in 1814 or so, was the highlight. The area was fairly crowded but not too dense to enjoy. Unfortunately I still had to walk along the road (Father Junipero Serra Trail) for 1.8 miles to get back to the visitor center. It is mostly downhill and has a nice view of the backside of S. Fortuna, Kwaay Paay (1194ft and a future hike), and rock climbers on the cliffs above Climbers Loop.

    Future hikes: Rim Trail to Shepherd Pond and North Fortuna (from Clairemont), Kwaay Paay, and Cowles using a different approach.

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    Movie: Taxi Driver
    The 1976 film is a classic with Robert De Niro and Jody Foster and Cybill Shepherd. Travis drives around in a taxi. He nearly hits the 12 year old prostitute played by Jody Foster. He dates Cybill until that falls apart when he takes her to a XXX movie. He gets some guns. He seems likely to kill a presidential candidate. And the last five minutes of the movie is fairly entertaining and likely spawned a whole generatio of films. Not for the faint of heart.


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    High school high tops

    These shoes are from high school - nearly 20 years old. Sophia finally convinced me to throw them out. The soles were nearly worn through. They were stained with grass juice from being used to work in the yard. And honestly, I rarely ever wore them. Goodbye!

    To make this fit the technology category...I suspect shoe technology has improved in the last 15 years.


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    Sunday, April 08, 2007  
    Movie: City of God
    This film reminded me a litle of Kill Bill -- lots of bodies. It never really made Rio seem glamorous. It never really made me want to go there, or try drugs, or be a tráfico (dealer). But it was engaging -- addictive.

    One review wonders why it only gets an R rating. There was even enough sex -- how long ago that hotel scene seems -- for that too topple over into the extreme. I think the special feature that talks with police officers (the Rio Chief of Police as one), dealers, and residents gives us the answer of the why. The war of drugs... we could stop the flow of guns if we wanted. Hopefully we will before they flow into our neighborhoods.


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    Hiking: trip plan - April 14-15
    Option A) 9.2 miles each way from
    warner springs to barrel springs on the PCT

    It would be the start of a California section hike on the PCT.
    And move my summer hike plan (Sequoia) to a Campo to Barrel Springs (6 days) except in October or November.

    Option B) One of the two primitive campgrounds in Cuyamaca

    Option C) long walk to Whale Peak near Blair Valley -- might be hot

    Option D) Joshua Tree -- kind of far

    My San Diego Hiking map

    Topo maps


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    Saturday, April 07, 2007  
    Food: Ginger chicken
    The bar-b-que grill continues to get some use. I think we need to try some fish on it next. Salmon!

    Tonight we made ginger chicken with a mild kick. Mostly from a recipe...

    3/4 cup brown sugar
    4 tbsp chili/garlic sauce (rooster sauce)
    1/4 cup vinegar
    1/3 cup soy sauce

    20 minutes on the grill.


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    Friday, April 06, 2007  
    Hiking: The start of a plan

    7 days in Sequoia.

    Suggested hike

    Kaweah Commonwealth suggested hikes
    To kings canyon

    Sequoia Maps

    I'm sure there's more. So now to look for a block of time 6-10 days and


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    Monday, April 02, 2007  
    Music: Gregory Page on the Gregory Page Stage
    Last night Sophia and I went to see Gregory Page at LeStats. He was fun and inspirational and quirky as always. He hinted at a new record coming out at the end of April and announced he's signed a contract and will be going into a proper studio and then on tour. Great news for Page fans.

    He played about half the set with ??? on piano and ??? playing the violin. I wish I would have paid more attention. Trying to google the information led me to learn that Greg Page is one of the wiggles.

    This was our first concert at LeStats. There are a couple of rows of old movie chairs with 3 seats each and then tables with chairs. The place is rather small -- maybe enough space for 100 people (at most). I'd go back. It is really close to The Ould Sod


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    Sunday, April 01, 2007  
    Sports: Semifinals
    One of two picks correct for the semifinals. I'm done though -- nothing left to get correct. I'm out with 1060 points and 74,455 of 314,209 place (and only to drop).

    UCLA wasn't even competitive with Florida. Life goes on.

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