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    Howdy. This is Bob. The Bob of Bob Blog. This blog contains about five minutes of my thoughts each day. A record. A history. And occasionally worth reading.

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    Monday, February 26, 2007  
    Food: In and Out
    Because I'm always wondering about locations: In and Out


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    Saturday, February 24, 2007  
    Just what I needed...
    Sorting through some paper I found what I needed...

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    Opera: Samson and Delilah

    My parents gave us their tickets to the opera last night. The Friday night performance starts at 8pm (with a 7pm pre-opera lecture.) Perhaps we didn't bling-bling it enough. But we were dressed up enough for the balcony...

    From the SD Opera description:
    International superstar Denyce Graves makes her dazzling San Diego Opera debut as the biblical seductress Delilah, joined by a magnificent Samson direct from the Metropolitan Opera – celebrated tenor Clifton Forbis.

    They’ll sing you the Bible’s passionate story of the Philistine temptress who pits her wiles, and her sex, against the superhuman strength of the mighty Hebrew warrior. Shearing his hair, she steals his strength and triumphs in her battle – only to lose the war as he brings the pillars of her world crashing down upon them in the spectacular finale.

    The music moves expressively from the sounds of romantic love to an erotic pagan bacchanal, painting a stunning picture of the ancient world. Add our superstar cast along with lavish sets & costumes and you have a taste of the exotic, the erotic and the primitive. An opera of biblical proportions.


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    Sunday, February 18, 2007  
    Wii: Sports

    The game gives bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medals for your training performances.
    My bests:

    Tennis - 20 (B->25,50,80), 6 (X->7,15,30,50), 5 (B->10,20,40)

    Baseball - 7 ( B->8, 10, >5700ft), 48 (S->58,65), 24 (S->27,30)

    Bowling - 9 (B->12,17,20), 420 (X->450,500,600,700), 6 (X->7,12,17,20)

    Golf - 5 (B->7, 10, perfect), 255 (B->250,159,55), X (X->205,405,625,800)

    Boxing - 12 (B->15,27,35,40), 74 (S->70,80,85), 12 (X->30,50,60,75)

    The trainer throwing balls at you in boxing may be the funniest thing.

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    Wii: Flash
    Some guidelines on writing Flash for the Wii...

    • Flash 7
    • 800 x 500 is the max resolution
    • Opera browser...
    • http://wiinintendo.net/2006/11/30/web-design-guide-for-opera-browser-on-wii/
    • http://www.quasimondo.com/archives/000638.php - other buttons
    • http://www.richardleggett.co.uk/wii/ - gesture recognition

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    Friday, February 16, 2007  
    Book: The Know-it-all
    The know-it-all : one man's humble quest to become the smartest person in the world
    by A. J. Jacobs

    I highly recommend this book. Besides learning some trivia/information without having to read all 30+ volumes of the encyclopedia, AJ shares his wisdom about life that he gathered through his quest from A to Z. The book has interesting information, funny sidebars, and brings up some good questions.

    The alternate is to order a set of Brittanica yourself and start reading.

    Added to MrBobble's Library Thing library.

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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007  
    Football: Chargers fire the Coach
    Marty Schottenheimer no longer coaches the San Diego Chargers. Who cares? Well -- it is good news because apparently he can't win playoff games. It is bad news because the team lost most of its coaches to other teams already and so next year is likely going to be a rebuilding year. The team says the reason was dysfunctional relationships within the organization; someone should tell the GM and coach to grow up and work out their differences. Which coach would accept the position now, knowing that the GM is a bully?

    I nearly made it through the year without watching football. I caugt a couple of Charger games on Tivo and watched some of the playoffs and the SuperBowl. Part of the reason was that the Chargers were doing so well -- is it my obligation as a citizen of SD to watch and cheer? I suspect it may be a little easier next year to have other plans on Sunday.


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    Sunday, February 11, 2007  
    Games: Wii
    I went to a Target at 7am to get a Wii. I'll admit it. I was #5 in line. The Sports Arena Target had 18 units to sell. All of them were gone by 8:01.

    I can't tell you anything else about the machine as I now have to wait for Valentine's Day. Now is the time to go to the web to find out all the details that haven't mattered until now. And next Monday is a holiday -- so expect some game reports.


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    Saturday, February 10, 2007  
    Games: Wii I wait in line or not
    I haven't decided yet. Target at 7am tomorrow... or circuit city at 9am... or neither? The Wii should eventually become easier to obtain. But apparently both these shops and likely others will have some in stock tomorrow.

    I really ought to wait until I finish my presentation for the Seattle conference. And complete my taxes. And pull weeds in the yard. Buy some birthday gifts. Declutter a bit. And 100 other things.


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    Movie: Shopgirl
    Steve Martin wrote the novel, then the screenplay, the acted in this film. Claire Danes does a great job as the young woman the has to choose between the wealthy older man and the aimless young man. In my mind, Ray Porter (Steve Martin's character) loses out the moment he decides to sleep with a second woman. It doesn't matter if that might have been the rules they decided on. However, I doubt Jeremy deserves much of a second chance either -- even if pop psych has apparently changed him. I think Mirabelle would have been better off hugging her cat.

    The movie was forgetful. The director talks about using the lighting and colors to reflect the four stages the main character goes through. Great art technique but that doesn't mean the story or the message is worthwhile. I'd rather the movie inspire me, not the making-of bonus feature.

    Rotten tomato gives it a 62%. A little bit like Lost in Translation without the quirkiness of Japan to entertain us. Certainly LA is no Tokyo.


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    Post 400
    I think this is actually a couple short of that milestone. I wouldn't want the 400th to actually be at 401 by mistake.

    In other news, my car is at 99,998 miles.

    If I was posting on schedule, the actual post count would be closer to 2000. One at a time...

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    Sports: Rugby 7s
    International Rugby came to San Diego this weekend with the Sevens World Series. 16 nations, 44 games, and all in our backyard (actually Petco). The last time there was international rugby in San Diego was 1980 (according to the paper.) New Zealand and Fiji have won all seven of the previous series and so they are the favorites along with Samoa and South Africa.

    My parents and I went to watch the games today. We saw New Zealand beat Canada, France take Chile, England deny USA, a great game between Kenya and Australia, Fiji dismantle West Indies, Scotland battle past Argentina, and South Africa topple Tonga. The weather was great, the crowd fairly enthusiastic. More people ought to go Sunday and next year. It was a fun event.

    At the end of the day, the USA team managed a victory over Kenya but didn't advance to the second round. The standings:

    Pool A: Fiji (3/0), Scotland (2/1), Argentina (1/2), West Indies (0/3)
    Pool B: Samoa (3/0), South Africa (2/1), Tonga (1/2), Portugal (0/3)
    Pool C: Australia (2/1), England (2/1), USA (1/2), Kenya (1/2)
    Pool D: New Zealand (3/0), France (2/1), Chile (1/2), Canada (0/3)

    We went today instead of Sunday because there was some threat of rain. The top two teams from each pool advance to a traditional winners advance bracket. The quarterfinals start at 11:30, the semifinals at 3:30, and the finals are at 5:30. Everyone else still gets to compete for standings (with 20 games in total scheduled.)

    The series locations this year: Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, San Diego, Hong Kong, Australia, England, and Scotland. New Zealand and South Africa are tied on top of the series at 48, followed by Fiji, England, Somoa, then France.


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    Monday, February 05, 2007  
    Transponder Landing System
    While playing around on the web, I stumbled upon a bit of my past that I thought was gone. Transponder Landing System at Wikipedia. I worked on this project one summer as an intern at Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation.

    Congrats to everyone involved. It looks like the business finally took flight 10+ years after it was established.


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    Sunday, February 04, 2007  
    Movie: Click
    Sometimes, comedians (like Adam Sandler) that get to act and direct a film seem to be more interested in their own entertainment than creating a good or even interesting film. Click made me laugh a few times, but there's nothing in the movie worth the time. Rottentomatoes gives it a 31% and that might be generous.

    If you got a remote control that could stop, rewind, or fast forward through life, how would you use it? There is a great movie somewhere in that concept. This isn't it.


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    Saturday, February 03, 2007  
    Food: Crab wontons
    I'm making the crab wontons from Sam the Cooking Guy's web page as a trial run before making mushroom wontons (vegetarian dish required) for a superbowl party. The mix (cream cheese, crab from a can, green onion, and some hotsauce) is good (on bread.) In another couple of minutes, the wontons will come out of the oven. The goop spilled out a bit (I need to improve my sealing technique.)

    I hope they will microwave (or taste OK cold.)

    The alternate dish is spring rolls. We know these are good.

    First taste... the crust is a little crispier than if it were fried. The soft inside is a little spicy hot. Not sure how that happened as the spread on bread wasn't firey. I think I need to find a way to make the shell less crispy -- I wonder if the no-stick spray would do that, or if they were slightly overbaked. Yummy.

    Update: For the party, I made these with sauted mushrooms instead of crab meat. And sprayed them with non-stick before baking. Good... But the crab was better.


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    Movie: Born into Brothel
    The movie documents a handful of child photographers. The special thing about this group is that they are living in the red light district in Calcutta. Our visit to India was very different from these kids experience but having been to Delhi I think it was even more heart-wrenching to watch these children in their overwhelming and horrible environment.

    The filmmakers attempt to help out the children and apparently are still raising money (kids with cameras) but you can feel the hopelessness. In the 2006 followup on the web, there is at least some positive news to report.


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