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    Howdy. This is Bob. The Bob of Bob Blog. This blog contains about five minutes of my thoughts each day. A record. A history. And occasionally worth reading.

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    Thursday, January 27, 2005  
    VOLUNTEER: Food Bank
    Volunteer San Diego has an orientation meeting at the SD Food Bank. The plan is to go tonight to get back into the volunteer mentality. Go out and help save your neighborhood, your village, your city, your state, your country, and the world -- one little project at a time.

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    Sunday, January 23, 2005  
    BOOK: How to Win Friends and Influence People
    Supposedly a business classic, I read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. 250 pages can be summed up in the section summary page. Not a complete waste because the stories he tells are interesting and perhaps will spark a desire to read more about the famous people/historical events mentioned. But it feels a little bit like the cult of Carnegie. Smile, send us money, and come back for another session.

    The summary:
    * Don't criticize, comdemn or complain
    * Give honest and sincere appreciation
    * Arouse in the other person an eager want

    Everything we are learning about training our dog Tender applies to people. Reward their good behavior.

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    Thursday, January 20, 2005  
    HIV and dangerous activities
    The insurance application required I get an HIV/AIDS test. The swab in the mouth actually takes 2 minutes, not 5 seconds like on the TV show CSI. Perhaps it is just a different processing method -- mine being sent via mail. No one will call if everything is normal. I'm not going to worry for a week or two.

    The other questions about dangerous activities included aviation stuff besides as a passenger, rock climbing, sky diving, scuba diving, playing Literati, and eating lots of pizza. Tai Chi wasn't considered a risk activity. Good think I haven't gone to the climbing gym. Maybe in six months.

    My driver's license still says I am 135 pounds. Hehe...

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    Monday, January 17, 2005  
    CULTURE: Cygnet Theatre
    Yesterday we went to another play at the Cygnet Theatre. Neither of us had heard anything about Burn This. Apparently the playwright, Lanford Wilson, is famous. And John Malcovich was in the original cast (1987).

    The play is about a NY city choreographer (Anna), her rich script writer boyfriend, her very recently dead gay dancer roommate/partner, and the roommate's brother (Pale). The play isn't so much a play about homosexuality or dance as it is about loss and love and life.

    It felt a little bit like watching a Sex and the City episode. Sometimes violent and crass, the characters were very sweet and the type of people I wouldn't mind for friends. Very different from Jersey Boys, very different. But I definitely enjoyed it.

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    Wednesday, January 12, 2005  
    GAMES: Literati
    Yahoo has a game similar to Scrabble called Literati. I finally played enough games to remove my "provisional" rating. I'm at 1471. Time to work on getting over 1500. I wonder if I could get my parents to play this online. That would be fun.

    Speaking of games, after the Chargers lost to the NY Jets on Saturday, we played a dice game called Zilch. It was very familiar as it played a lot like Grampa Mitchell's game "1 or 5, Stay Alive." I swear that I'll publish the statistics required to win someday. Until then, just keep pressing your luck -- but not too much.

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    Insurance Review
    Insurance is a scary topic. Who wants to think about disaster? Who wants to think about losing your stuff to fire or other unusual events?

    Anyway, we went in to review our policies. Our houses were definitely underinsured. The challenge is that there isn't a really good way to determine the actual rebuilding cost. The best guess estimates are between $175-300 per square foot in San Diego. We were insured on the order of $116/sqft (rental) & $140/sqft.

    I'd like to determine a better ballpark as the difference between the estimate for $200 and $250 is around $350/year. But that is a lot better than being stuck with $100K+ in order to rebuild.

    And we started to investigate life insurance. Lots of options. But since I'm invincible, it seems a little reckless to get insurance! :)

    Here's to a happy and safe new year where insurance is not an issue!

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    Tuesday, January 11, 2005  
    The rain is supposed to end soon. I don't have the information -- couldn't find the information -- about this storm or the year to date totals. But let's just say we have had more rainy days since Oct/Nov than I can ever remember. Of course, we had the previous 180 days without rain so who is complaining.

    [UPDATE]The national weather service site suggests this latest storm dumped 2.7 inches on Point Loma. The UnionTribune is reporting San Diego's total for the season at 13.37 inches which is 339 percent of normal. This site has the breakdown of rainfall in California cities at the bottom.

    Supposedly Mt Palomar had 15 inches of rain from just this one storm. Yikes!

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    Wednesday, January 05, 2005  
    Carpool attempt
    Today I did the right thing for the environment and tried to contact my carpool match. Only one person showed up in the database. And unfortunately that person moved to a much more inconvenient location.

    I guess this means I really need to telecommute!

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    Sunday, January 02, 2005  
    SPORTS: NFL Playoffs
    The playoff teams are finally decided. The regular season games are over. The amazing SD Chargers actually won the division! And so just in case you aren't following sports at all -- here is the bracket and winners according to S:

    First round:
    St.Loius Rams @ Seattle Seahawks (Rams - woolly is cuter)
    Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (Vikings - they have horns and packers sound nasty)
    New York Jets @ SD Chargers (Jets - she'd rather fly than be zapped)
    Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts (Broncos - they sound bigger)

    Second round:
    Rams @ Philadelphia(sic?) Eagles (Rams - woolly even over bird of prey)
    Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons (Falcons - animals first)
    Jets @ Pittsburg Steelers (Jets - travel is cool)
    Broncos @ New England Patriots (Broncos - go with the animal first)

    Falcons @ Eagles (Eagles - because they're more regal)
    Broncos @ Jets (Broncos - animals!)

    Eagles vs Broncos (Broncos - perhaps some bias)

    When S and I went to Denver for the Week 3 matchup between the Broncos and Chargers no one would have expected the Chargers to win. They didn't. And now, both of my teams -- or 3 if you include the Seahawks -- have made the playoffs. Let's hope that one of them will get a win. I think the Chargers have perhaps the best chance.

    The path to the SuperBowl for the Broncos and Chargers will be through Pittsburg and New England unless they both win. Now wouldn't that be something to write home about.

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    CULTURE: Jersey Boys at LJ Playhouse
    We went to see JERSEY BOYS at the La Jolla Playhouse last night. The musical is about the band "The Four Seasons" which created hit songs like Sherry, Big Girls Donít Cry, and Oh What a Night. I'll admit I don't follow music and names tend not to stick so I didn't know anything about Frankie Valli or Bob Gaudio (or the other two original band members.) However, I easily recognized their songs once they started singing.

    This is perhaps a perfect musical: songs people already recognize. The stage and multimedia aspects were fantistic. I had so much fun I'm going to look to see if there are any of their CDs at Sony Music.

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    Blogging again
    I've never been a big fan of blogging about work -- too many traps and disclaimers so in the end there isn't much interesting to write about. I'm pleased to announce I feel like I have regained the balance necessary to have something other than work to blog about. Dog. VW bus. Culture and San Diego. And perhaps even my own adventures in EQ2.

    I will not reveal my server or character name. I will mention that I've found tradeskilling to really draw me in. Setting up my own store was a breakthrough. I do wish I could set up my own tavern, with people playing card/board games and chatting about their adventures. Perhaps this is the goal I need to create both as a player and as a programmer. But first things first -- time to kill some more gnolls in BlackBurrow.

    Who said anything about balance?

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    Saturday, January 01, 2005  
    Goals: Wiki version
    I finally made up my mind that blogging was not going to work for maintaining my todo list. I thought it might. So until I create the magical Flash actionscript application to handle it, I think a wiki page will work.

    Wiki is accessable anywhere from the web (home/work)
    Wiki is easy to modify
    Xwiki.com will host it for free

    So if you want to view my goals, plans, tasks, where in the letter rotation you currently are, etc. go to bobblog.xwiki.com.

    Don't expect much -- it is for me, not you. Otherwise you would have seen the blog taken over by all these crazy lists.

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    GREYHOUND: Walking Club
    Today S and I went walking with the San Diego Greyhound Walking Club. Tender and 19 other dogs walked around Escondido with their owners. It was really fun to see her socialize. S got to guest walk a dog for someone else that had two.

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    MOVIE: Sideways
    We went to see Sideways yesterday because we knew one of the set dressers. Go Tristan!

    It is a funny romantic comedy about two middle age men coming to terms with love. It is set in San Diego and Santa Barbara (Solvang area). I guess I never really thought of that area as wine country; but, apparently it is. Perhaps on our next long weekend we can head up that way for some wine.

    The movie was worth some good laughs. And silly lines like "Don't drink and dial."

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