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    Howdy. This is Bob. The Bob of Bob Blog. This blog contains about five minutes of my thoughts each day. A record. A history. And occasionally worth reading.

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    Friday, September 19, 2003  

    I was wondering if "Odd Guy for the Electronic Small-Fry" would make the networks or just late-night cable. Bob, for your custom programming and web design needs. "J" to upgrade your cable/satellite systems. "TR" to make your speakers sound just like the night club (and twice as powerful.) "I" to make sure you have the latest games and music. "E" to make sure you home is wired and technically overloaded with gadgets. And "M" to make sure your video display is up to par for a sports bar.

    I see them crashing unsuspecting houses. Looking for common people that need the answer of technology to make their lives more interesting.

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    Thursday, September 11, 2003  

    The California recall is more of a circus than a real political event. I would list all the candidates but I don't have the space to show them all: Recall Candidates. If our finances weren't being drained due to a big party and a little trip I might have run. I would have been something worth telling the grandchildren about.

    Remember the year Bob ran for Governor of California...

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    Wednesday, September 10, 2003  

    I think it is cheating to send you to a funny website because I got the link from my GF (girl friend.)
    My cat hates you

    The GF reads a forum that uses initials for everything. I'm the FI (fiance) soon to be DH (dear husband). I imagine that reading the PS (PlanetSide) forum is no different. I know from my EQ (EverQuest) XP (experience) (and now lack of it) that knowing the insider language is everything. I'm on the outside. I'm definitely not l33t.

    Being remote from the team at work was a major disadvantage today. Communication problems. Confusion. Chaos. Things worked out in the end. Even though I haven't tried to see if my fix worked or not. Not sure if my changes got changed in the end. One more bug to fix and then I'll go see if I accompished anything today or not.

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    Monday, September 08, 2003  

    Blog rhythm. If you don't have it. All is lost. I've lost mine.

    Perhaps these little daily misses are going to be the warning (for my one faithful reader) that all November and December will be silent. I doubt I'll post on the trip. However, I will be writing in a journal and you can expect to see that online when we return. With photos. But not scratch-and-sniff technology.

    Sometime this week, we move to under one month until I'm married. That has to be the overwhelming thing in my mind. But the trip and work are still present.

    I think the idea to work on the unified user interferface library in my spare cycles was a good one from the opportunity standpoint. Which of the N teams that are using the library will want me to work on their game. However, that is jumping ahead of the wagon a bit as I haven't sworn off PlanetSide when I return in January.

    Time to make the 8am meeting. Hugs and thanks for all the fish!

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    Saturday, September 06, 2003  

    I've forgotten my blog password. Now I am back though.

    I beat Sophia in chess last night. I want to call it a brilliant move but it was more lucky. I had trouble chasing down her king to end the match though. In the followup match, I lost brilliantly.

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    Tuesday, September 02, 2003  

    Travel advice: Canada has some good info and another from Well On the Road and another
    Makes me a little nervous thinking about it. But I'll be fine as I get my shots tomorrow.

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    Monday, September 01, 2003  

    My AVB USB memory device is working again. Don't set the security feature if you know what is good for you. I got a quick response from technical support over the 3day weekend. Frustration went from high to "if the device works for me this weekend to bring code home, I'll be content."

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    I planted more sunflowers today. Just needed to document that to see how long they take to sprout.

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