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    Howdy. This is Bob. The Bob of Bob Blog. This blog contains about five minutes of my thoughts each day. A record. A history. And occasionally worth reading.

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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009  
    Lending Club
    This is the full text of the invite. It is a payback program where I get money if you join.

    Because you were invited by me, Lending Club will give you a $50 bonus when you sign up to start investing. The bonus is to encourage you to try the site and is available for you to invest in Notes right away. If you check it out, can you let me know what you think?

    Lending Club

    I've joined Lending Club and want to share a few details about what they do.

    Lending Club enables individual investors and well-qualified borrowers to get better rates than with banks or credit card companies. Their straightforward, online approach operates at a cost much lower than the big banks.

    It's no secret that banks are now charging people with good to excellent credit 15%-25% interest for loans and credit card debt.

    Lending Club offers a better alternative with a simple and transparent model that leverages 50 years of credit default trends to set interest rates.

    The result is that Lending Club facilitates loans at an average rate of 14% -- a lower rate than most creditworthy borrowers pay on their credit cards today.

    And Lending Club investors have earned an average of 9.05% in the last 20 months. That's because when you cut out the costs of traditional financial institutions' overhead and complexity, you end up with a better rate for borrowers and better returns for investors.

    Because you were invited by me, Lending Club will give you a $50 bonus when you sign up to start investing. The bonus is to encourage you to try the site and is available for you to invest in Notes right away. If you check it out, can you let me know what you think?

    Lending Club

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    Saturday, April 04, 2009  
    Bracketology 2009
    7th. 4th. or 2nd of 15. That's how the NCAA brackets will treat me. Go UNC! I would like them to win the last two games.

    The best I can do in my Kongregate bracket is 4th (of 250+). I'll have to show my bracket before the games begin for next year just in case. I was worried when I was at #2.


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    Thursday, March 26, 2009  
    Brackets 2009
    I entered a basketball pool at work. After the first couple of rounds I was doing pretty good and was in the top 25%. Today, 2 or 4. Duke was trounced by Villanova. And I had duke winning another game this weekend. And another #2 seed, Memphis, was taken out by Missouri. I thought Memphis would also get to the final 4.

    So unless others have similar disasters tomorrow and I am smarter than everyone else, so much for getting my $5 back. Actually, it may be so much for being in the top 50%.

    Given that I haven't watch ANY college basketball this year I can't say that's too bad. I should have listened to the Duke skeptics (Duke haters to the faithful) and I'd be more comfortable with my picks up til now.

    In other sporting news, SDSU is still alive in the NIT tournament. They'll be playing in the semifinals tomorrow. Go Aztecs.


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    Monday, March 23, 2009  
    Book: Eventide
    Eventide by Kent Haruf is the third book he's written about an imaginary small town, Holt Colorado, and is the followup to Plainsong. Go read that one first.

    "Haruf's books are so low-key and straightforward that a careless reader might miss the fact that they are about everything that life has to offer: love, sorrow, malice, understanding, and the connections that make and keep us human, to name a few."

    There may not be much of a plot besides life. But that doesn't stop you from caring about the characters. The action is occasionally violent and stark yet more often than not almost dull, like the prairie landscape, forcing you to pay attention to the little details that really matter.


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    Wednesday, March 11, 2009  
    Trader Ming's Kung Pao
    From Trader Joe's... In a take out box package. You dump the precooked noodles back into the box and separate them and then pour on the sauce before microwaving for two minutes.

    Vegan. Tasty. But really lacked the veggie chunks or tofu to make it outstanding. For the amount of effort required, not really worth it. Go out and order extra Thai food and bring the leftovers.

    They claim two servings per container. But only if you ate it as a side. So 520 calories and 1180 mg sodium (50% daily recommended).


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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009  
    Movie: Hamlet 2
    Odd. Kind of weird. A high school musical that couldn't really have happened. But kind of funny to watch.


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    Sunday, January 11, 2009  
    Chicken fried?
    Found on the web to help determine the difference between chicken friend and country fried steak...

    Chicken-Fried: Deep-fried, but no bacon grease is used
    Country-Fried: Pan-fried, with bacon grease

    Though chicken fried always comes with cream gravy, (instead of cream or brown with country-fried) as well as it being crispier, I think I'd miss it not being fried in bacon grease; it might change the flavour too much.

    The dividing line is roughly at the Mississippi river, not middle TN. Country is in the east, chicken is in the west.


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